It will be the largest manned undersea habitat ever built.  And it will form the core of the first permanent human undersea colony under the ocean.

The Challenger Station habitat was first envisioned by a League of the New Worlds design team in 1991.  During the next three years, the Challenger Station went from ideas to engineering drawings. 

If all proceeds on schedule, sometime in 2012, the Challenger Station will be located in the mighty Gulf Stream off the central Florida coast.  As soon as it touches down on the floor of the ocean, history will be made and the story of humanity will be fundamentally changed.  For the first time in the long saga of humanity, mankind will have forged a permanent home undersea.  For the first time, the frontiers of the vast undersea regions of the earth will be opened for permanent human settlement. 

The Challenger Station undersea habitat is specifically designed for expansion.  We will launch the Challenger Station Main Hub that will enable a full time complement of eight Aquatican aquanauts to make their homes and live and work permanently undersea.  As modules are attached, the Aquatican citizens of the world will grow module by module as the first colony of humans expands human by human, family by family.


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